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Yahoo tops Google in web traffic, but what does it mean?

  • Arthur DobelisArthur Dobelis

There’s a new sheriff in town: last week comScore reported Yahoo as the top web property by traffic in the U.S., at 197M unique visitors in July, vs. Google’s 192M. This number doesn’t include Yahoo’s new acquisition, Tumblr, which could increase Yahoo’s number by up to another 36M uniques.

We can only imagine what people are saying at Yahoo’s headquarters in Sunnyvale, CA (“Yeehaw!” maybe). But this undoubtedly good news for the company should be understood in context (and with lots of Western movie references):

  1. Easy there, pilgrim: It isn’t really such ...

TheStreet's head of Social Media is "Done with Facebook" - should you be too?

  • Arthur DobelisArthur Dobelis

Rocco Pendola spends his days doing social media marketing for one of the most vaunted media properties on the web, He says he's "Done with Facebook." His reasons are diverse and interesting, and everyone can learn from them, in different ways.

Note, Pendola's piece comes at a time when Facebook has hit a fairly low point, but had a bit of a comeback on the market and in the press. Analyst reports are improving from last quarter, and the stock is up moderately, over $24 from a low under $23 near the end of May. Writers ...

Are we experiencing an app bubble?

  • Arthur DobelisArthur Dobelis

A young developer posted a question on Slashdot for his own career planning: are we in an app bubble?

Our short answer is no, some more thoughts on this:


What Facebook Graph Search means for Business, Now and for the Future

  • Arthur DobelisArthur Dobelis

On Jan 15, Facebook announced its now Graph Search feature. The most prominent response was this Tumblr blog, soon web-famous, showing new possibilities ranging from the silly to the alarming: the phrases “Married people who like Prostitutes” and “Current employers of people who like Racism” raced around the web (and, indeed, around Facebook). Fascination with these capabilities and concerns about privacy overshadowed most other issues.

Now that most users have access to this new search tool and amusement with its odder use-cases has faded, it bears revisiting exactly what Facebook Graph Search means, from a business perspective.

Step with me ...

Agencies Have No Interest In Pinterest

  • Arthur DobelisArthur Dobelis
  • Peter CrysdalePeter Crysdale

Only 7% of marketing agencies use Pinterest for business purposes. That is according to a survey commissioned by The Creative Group (TCG), released on August 22nd. In addition, 44% of the (over 500) marketing executives responding to these phone interviews said “We have no interest in using [Pinterest] for business purposes.”

Surprising, considering referral traffic

This is surprising news considering that Shareaholic reported that Pinterest drove more referral traffic than YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+ combined back in January. Shareaholic also reported that Pinterest referrals are on track to beat out Yahoo! organic traffic in August 2012

So why are marketing ...

Twitter’s got lovers, Facebook’s got friends

  • Arthur DobelisArthur Dobelis
  • Peter CrysdalePeter Crysdale
Twitter users have proved consistently willing to overlook significant downtimes, glitches and fail whales. Facebook's users seem willing to put up with less and less. This says a lot about the competitive positions of the two social media mega-brands.

On July 26th the digerati stood befuddled staring at this message:

Twitter is currently down for <%= reason %>.  We expect to be back in <%= deadline %>

Twitter's website and the data services that drive its apps were offline, and would not come back on for another two hours.

It wasn't the first time, and it won't be the last. For a site with over 500 million ...

Lessons From the Demise of Digg

  • Peter CrysdalePeter Crysdale

A lot has been said over the last week about the recent sale of Digg to Linkedin, the Washington Post, and Betaworks. Digg changed the way that we think about news and added a social element to the web. It organized information by what was most popular as opposed to what was the most promoted. Digg lead the internet toward emphasizing the value of content rather than just the positioning of the content.

But now Digg is dead. The concensus is that it did not die a natural death, but that the fatal wounds were self-inflicted: ZDNet’s David Gewirtz ...

Krist Novoselic: The Power of Social Networks (CBGB Festival)

  • Arthur DobelisArthur Dobelis
  • Peter CrysdalePeter Crysdale

Krist Novoselic, the musician and political activist best known as bassist for the 90’s grunge trio Nirvana, opened NYC’s inaugural CBGB Festival this week at Landmark Sunshine Cinema on Houston Street. His topic was how networks and social structures shaped his musical career, and how digital social networks are ripe to reshape politics as we know it.

He began by saying "music changed my life." Specifically, he noted, music opened his social horizons, giving him the opportunity to connect with other bands and fans around the country. Likewise, he found a sense of belonging in a musical subculture ...

Cutting Out the Middleman – A Digital Prerogative

  • Peter CrysdalePeter Crysdale

On June 25th Louis C.K. announced he would be selling tickets for his new comedy tour exclusively through his website, bypassing services like Ticketmaster, in order to lower ticket costs for his fans by roughly 50%. He is reducing his projected income from the tour in order to make this possible.

Historically, direct sales have been difficult for performers to accomplish. Distribution networks for tickets, video, audio and books required massive – and often completely distinct – infrastructures. Sure you could sell a DVD (or cassette) at your shows but that was no match, financially, for selling in major outlet like ...

Apple Is Getting More Social

  • Peter CrysdalePeter Crysdale

On June 11th Apple kicked off its WorldWide Developer Conference with the usual blockbuster announcements of its new software updates. Three of these announcements will have a huge impact on the way Apple product owners interact with social media:

  • Facebook will now be integrated directly into iOS 6 (the new mobile operating system, being released this Fall)

  • The new Mac operating system has sharing features built in allowing users to share basic content from within Applications including Safari, Preview, iTunes, Game Center, and Siri (dictate tweets, Facebook posts, iMessages, etc)

  • Macs will integrate Twitter and Facebook into Notifications so that ...

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